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Mar. 21st, 2008

I HATE sentence diagramming.

Obligatory Post

I haven't posted on this blog in FOREVER. Sorry
Until much later,
James (AKA Bike boy)
It's bad to root for a team's loss simply because you "hate them". There must be a reason, so I am showing you my reason.

  1.  Bill Belichik is not extremely nice, and to be short, he's a winner. And his spygate scandal suggests that he will do anything to win.
  2. Maria is always giving me heck about the Lions, and she always says "I've got the Patriots". She isn't a football fan and doesn't know anything about the Patriots(well, she knows who Tom Brady is). It ticks me off how "her team" is beating every team and now in the Super Bowl. I just don't understand why they're justifying her, when she doesn't have any reason to root for them besides the fact that Dad likes them.
  3. I root for the NFC, and the Giants beat the Lions. The Lions will feel better to have stayed so close to the Super Bowl Champions, only losing 16-10.
  4. It would be great to see the underdog win.
  5. Jeff likes the Giants.
  6. Jim Hughes wants the Giants to win.
  7. I don't like the Patriots.


I just e-mailed Mrs. K my citation template...for the FOURTH TIME!!! Once I finish the template, I have to do my works cited!

The mixer has come

Finally...we're ready to start recording the album.

We got a mixer!!!

A Zoom MRS-4, a four track digital recording studio.  It's less than a foot long, but will be sufficient for The David Rock Band.


It's likely that I will buy an MRS-8 Portable Mixer.  Is this a good call?

I did it my way

I didn't need a big box from you guys, I did it my way.  I needed the large box for a White Elephant gift exchange at my youth group.  I was going put a college kid inside of the box, and when someone picked the box, the college kid, Jim Hughes, would jump up and hand him the real gift.  I
    I arrived early with a large white plastic bag.  Jim came strolling by with another middleschooler.  He dismissed the middlesschooler with a vague stare.  "I have to go now," he said, and the middleschooler got suspicious.  Nevertheless, Jim and I ducked into a room and schemed.  The plastic bag wouldn't work; it was far too see through.  We searched the building for any large boxes, and our attempts yielded no fruit.  Then the light bulbs went on.  We grabbed a large recycling/garbage thing, which was very large and had small wheels (a tiny bit like a wheelbarrow) put Jim in it , and covered it with the plastic bag.  I then wheeled the wheelbarrow thing into the middle school.  The first person to notice was the guy who was with Jim, Nathaniel Toth.  Fortunately, he was alone, and when he poked Jim's head, no one saw.  Getting by the girls was easy; they figured that I had put something ridiculously small in the wheelbarrow thing. 
    Now, the seventh grade boys were tough.  They were really curious and had no patience.  By the time that the gift exchange began, half of the boys knew (or had some idea of) what my gift was. 
    It was a seventh grade boy who got my gift.  As he began to open it, Jim's legs kicked up, and he struggled to get out of the box.  He eventually did.  His legs were so cramped that he could hardly walk when he got out and he was sweating all over.  But we had succeeded.  He said that in the middle of his forty-five minute stay in the wheelbarrow-thing, someone called him on his cell phone!
    He also had a huge headache from having to breath underneath a plastic bag, with crudely made airholes, but he said that it was totally worth it.  We had the coolest gift.  That's nearly all that mattered.

Big Box

Does anyone reading this blog happen to have a large package/box large enough for a 6' 1' man to fit in?                           

My accidental blog

  I didn't mean to start this blog.  I simply meant to create a Live Journal account.  Considered that this blog's URL is yummyyummypizza, I think that it might be suitable to make this blog about pizza.  My blog on blogger is about cycling and soccer.
    So yummy yummy pizza will be myself goofing off.